Trillium Ayurveda & Yoga

Charlotte AP + E-AYT

After graduating from college with a degree in English, I became a flight attendant for United Airlines.  During that time I began to explore options for maintaining my health in a career that I found challenging with it's long hours, constant pressure changes, and physical and mental demands.  I began my studies with holistic nutrition and herbs, and I kept finding these interesting tools that seemed to really work.  I would test out these treatments on myself and then share them with family and friends.  In time, the word 'Ayurveda' become attached to these tools and I began to explore this science on my own.  


When a health scare sent me seeking alternative health practices, I went to an Ayurvedic practitioner who looked at my current constitutional imbalance and gave me just a few small changes to make in my daily life.  These shifts put me on a better path to manage stress and opened the door to reevaluate the life I wanted to live.  The bonus: I went back to my primary doctor for my third follow up and the issue had resolved itself!  For me, this was proof that the body seeks its own health and homeostasis.  If one takes the time for self care, the body takes care of the rest.  I was hooked and after a few more years of self study, I signed up with the Kripalu School of Ayurveda and began my training to become a professional consultant in Ayurveda.  I am so grateful for the gift that is Ayurveda and of being able to share that knowledge with others.    


I offer consultations focusing primarily on diet and lifestyle, as well as Ayurvedic body treatments.  I assist clients in making wise herbal choices.  I am an 500 hour certified Ayurveda Yoga Teacher.  I teach public, group, and private classes with a strong Ayurvedic theme and I am able to tailor private lessons to your constitutional needs.  I am continuing my education in Advanced Ayurveda with Hilary Garivaltis (Kripalu School of Ayurveda), Dr. Gerard Buffo MD, and Dr. Anusha Sehgal MD (Ayurveda) in Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner's training.  I am enrolled in Dr. Claudia Welch's Balancing Hormones and attend the yearly New England Women's Herbal'll even find me teaching there!!


May you seek and find your own nourishment, stillness, movement, and joy!!  

Namaste (the light in me bows to the light in you).


My Mission

My mission is to bring to light the science and wisdom of Ayurveda and to show how Ayurveda's universal and simple tools can make profound changes in ones health and wellness.  In teaching Ayurveda and Yoga, I wish to guide people to finding their own personal, unique makeup, and their personal toolbox for bringing balance, wellness, and joy into their life.  Because, after all, Health is Happiness.