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Charlotte Weltzin gives a thorough intake, gives sound recommendations and has solid follow-up. I was able to incorporate her knowledgable suggestions into daily life with ease as she is "The Queen of Shortcuts!" This is really saying something as I have felted daunted by Ayurvedic practices; Charlotte was able to demystify and make these practices quick and easy for me. Since I have been using Trillium Ayurveda's 108 Ghee Cream, I have received many compliments about my skin and inquiries as to what I am doing differently. The cream has made a noticeable difference in the short time I have been using it. I also use the cream medicinally - it has cleared up skin and nose irritation's as well as healed chronic dry patches. I can't recommend Charlotte Weltzin and Trillium Ayurveda highly enough! 


Each consultation generates a sense of peace and confidence for me; from the start, you'll find, like me, that you can share your health history and needs with ease. With Charlotte, you can discover the Ayurvedic approaches that target your unique person at a level and pace that you can manage, for integration into your life. I've learned practical, direct strategies and made a working plan for improving my immunity and overall health through diet, exercise, and healthier habits. 


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I offer extensive individualized consultations to find out your unique needs to bring balance and wellness.  We will work together to find your current imbalances and create a set of simple tools that you can incorporate into your life to bring you back into health.  I focus primarily on diet and lifestyle, and offer guidance into making wise herbal choices.  


The initial session will set the foundation for good health.   Follow up visits will tweak the plan as the balance begins to shift in your health.  


I offer a few different consultation formats to fit each individual's needs and budget.  


Teaser Ayurveda Consult:

It can be a question and answer session to dive into personal aspects of things explored in a class, or to dive deeper into something you've read about Ayurveda, or to seek advice and/or symptom management in order to decide how to move forward in the midst of an imbalance.  

–30 minute visit: $50

–$15 for each additional 15 minutes of time.  


Initial Ayurveda Consult:

This initial 90 minutes consult is a great way to begin exploring Ayurveda, how Ayurveda relates to you, and your current state and guide you to make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that will bring you back into balance and health.  This introduction is perfect for someone who needs  moderate tweaks or shifts to an already healthy lifestyle or if you are not quite ready to commit to a full package.   

–90 minute visit: $75

(includes one e-mail follow up)

Follow ups to an Initial Consult:

This 45 minute follow up visit build on the protocol set up in the initial consultation.  Here, we will tweak your current plan: adding in new changes and eliminating what is no longer serving.  One year after your initial visit, I may suggest a follow-up Consultation in order to review your progress and discuss how the changes have affected your well being, and to offer any additional protocols. 

–45 minutes: $55

(includes one follow up e-mail)

​–$10 for each additional 15 minutes over 45 minutes.

Bee Well Package (four months):  
Four consecutive months of Consults and Support to guide you back onto a path toward good health.  This can be used any time of year or you can consider it to support you through a seasonal shift that is particularly difficult for you.  

This is the consultation you need if you are looking for support to make lasting changes.  

This commitment to change gives us a chance to really explore the root causes of your imbalances, address weak digestive fire (agni), eliminate any build up of excess gunk (ama) in tissues (dhatus) and channels (srotamsi), manage specific imbalances, set up a plan for rejuvenation, and create a plan for moving forward.  

Each follow up visit we will tweak your plan: adding in new changes, adjusting herbal suggestions, and eliminating what is no longer serving.  


–1.5 hour initial visit.
–3 Follow up visits (one for each month).
–Weekly e-mail follow ups to keep you on target and to make minor shifts.
–One Abhyanga or Vishesh (if appropriate) or a 4th follow up visit.