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​​​​Ayurvedic Body Treatments/Chikitsa


Abhyanga is the traditional Ayurvedic oil treatment where warm oil is applied to the body with gentle pressure and motions designed to encourage the oils to penetrate into the skin and into the deeper tissues.  Like your daily home massage, extra attention is given to the joints and places in the body that are most likely to be come dry and undernourished.  The warm oil encourages the body and mind to release tension and stress and to become warm, calm, and grounded.   The gentle motions encourage the tissues to relax and release unwanted ama (gunk) and to move blood and lymph to create wellness, harmony, and balance.  This treatment is wonderful for any dosha or constitution, though it is especially balancing for vata and for the vata time of year (Fall and Winter).   

60 minute treatment: $70


Vishesh uses less oil and more pressure than the traditional Abhyanga.  This treatment is designed to bring more movement to the tissues, breaking up any deeper ama (toxins) and stagnation that has lodged in the muscles or tissues.  The downward strokes of this massage press lymph and blood away from the heart, invigorating and encouraging a return to a proper, healthy flow.  This treatment is really nice for pitta and kapha body types who need a little more oomph to wake things up and press things out.  It can be beneficial to vatas, especially in the kapha and pitta seasons!   

60 minute treatment: $70


This treatment is done prior to Abhyanga or Vishesh.  It complements both by exfoliating the skin prior to the application of oil.  It sloughs off dead skin and stimulates and skin and lymph system encouraging cleansing and detoxing and allows the body to absorb more of the nourishing oils.  Friction from silk gloves is known to create static electricity which balances acid in the body to create a more balanced alkaline environment.  15 minutes: $15

Ayurvedic Facial:

A head and face treatment with exfoliation, steam, tone, mask, and moisture to encourage cleansing, the elimination of congestion, and nourishment of the skin.  Includes a hand and foot massage for deep relaxation.  
60 minutes: $65​​ 

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Marma points are similar to accupressure points.  Using oils, I apply gentle pressure to vital points of the head and body to guide the flow of prana through the energy channels of the body.  Each marma point connects to vital tissue of the body and aids in proper functioning of the body and nudges the body back toward homeostasis.  Marma Therapy is non-invasive and profoundly soothing.  
30-45 minutes: $50


After a gentle face and head treatment, a stream of warm oil is applied continuously to the forehead to calm the mind and emotions.  This treatment encourages the mind to release stuck mental ama (toxins)--outworn thought patterns, emotions, and even unresolved trauma.  

45 minutes: $80

Shiro-Abhy-Nasya (SANs): sinus clearing 

This treatment includes a head and neck massage to release tension, a warm steam to begin clearing the nasal/sinus passages, and completed with a ginger nasya (nasal treatment) to open and clear the sinus channels to relieve excess kapha & mucus.  This treatment is designed to manage high Kapha and Spring congestion.

30-45 minutes: $50


Vasti is a spot treatment using oil to address specific areas of concern.  This is a great treatment to address joint or back pain (including slipped or bulging disks).  I would suggest this  treatment during your consult or follow up.  Please feel free to ask me if you think this treatment would be of use to you.  

30-45 minutes: $50

Trillium Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurvedic Body Treatments/Chikitsa​ 

 I am specially trained in Ayurvedic Body Treatments (Chikitsa).  These Ayurvedic treatments address specific doshic imbalances, encourage the proper flow of movement in the body including that of lymph, blood, and other tissues.  This proper movement facilitates the elimination of ama (impurities and toxins) from the srotamsi (bodily channels).  These treatments nourish the dhatus (tissues) to encourage healing and balance in the body, mind, spirit, and senses.  They can be deeply calming and relaxing or energizing and clearing depending on your current needs (Ayurveda calls this Rasayana: individualized nourishment).  I am not a licensed massage therapists and these treatments are not considered massage.

Come try a treatment for yourself.  Abhyanga, Vishesh, or an Ayurvedic Facial are great go-to's if you've never tried Ayurvedic Treatments.  


...the Abhyanga bodywork massage gives you a completely gentle, restorative experience that goes beyond the session into how you good you can feel day to day. I am blessed to be able to get into Ayurveda with such a gracious, intelligent practitioner.


The Shirodhara treatment was a life changing experience for me.  Through the entire treatment, my mind kept up the process of looking at fragmented thoughts as the warm, soothing oils streamed on my forehead, through my hair, and returned. I remember briefly nodding off a few times, but my thoughts woke me up. When we were done, I had no idea that the process had finished and my entire being felt so very weighted that it took me some time to sit up. When I did, I felt, well, I guess I can only describe it as giddy. Other than being covered in oil, relaxed and a bit light-headed, I didn't notice anything different. That night, however, I unexpectedly faced a personal issue that I had been avoiding for quite some time. Now when I say I faced it, I didn't just recognize it...I confronted the issue with someone and cried, heaving tears with a runny nose and the inability to even stand up. The next day, I felt lighter and happier than I had in YEARS! I was laughing from way down inside and couldn't believe that I had just, the night before, been so very sad. That was over a month ago, and I am still going strong with my lighter, happier being. My confrontation has changed the situation I had been avoiding and I have let so many things go that normally would drive me nuts! I look forward to another treatment and can't wait to see what happens this time! I spoke with Charlotte about my experience and she was thrilled to hear how successfully the Shirodara cleared the junk out of my mind and being. I cannot remember even one of the fragmented thoughts my mind had been exploring and I cannot thank her enough for bringing such a wonderful treatment into my life!