Trillium Ayurveda & Yoga

Weekly Yoga Classes

Gentle Community Yoga 

Monday Challenge your Practice at 6:00-7:00 pm 

Monday: Familiar Friendly Poses and Relaxation for Everyone at 7:10-8:10 pm

Come for one or stay for both.

Wednesday Community Yoga at 6-7 pm.

Friday Mornings at 9-10 am. 

Where: The Community Church of North Orange and Tully

Suggested Donation: $8-$12 

Your donation supports these classes as well as the church and its missions.

All are welcome.  


AyurYoga: Wellness Beyond the Mat 

Wednesday mornings at 9:00

Where: The White Elephant in Orange

All are welcome.

$12 Drop in; $50 for Five Class Card

Full Moon Yoga: Date varies according to the Moon.  This class takes place outside and comes with all the surprises that might entail.  Come prepared.  7-8 pm.  (reservations req'd)

Pranayama Practice:  (reservations req'd)

Hiking Yoga: (reservations req'd)

Where: Trillium Ayurveda in N. Orange.



Private Yoga Lessons...Please contact me if you are interested in Private Yoga sessions at Trillium Ayurveda Studio/Practice.  We can build a series that is individualized to your specific needs, both physically and constitutionally.  Together we can work on poses, sequencing, breath work, and areas of concern.  I can help you build a home practice that suits your needs or simply give you a safe and private place to begin your practice of yoga.  

Private lessons range in price from $40-$60 for 60 minutes.  


General Information:

Any Physical Engagement Poses Risk for Injury.  To reduce this risk please:

--do not force or strain in any posture

--follow instructions carefully and listen to your body

--come out of any posture that does not feel ‘right’ or safe for you

--ask questions if you do not fully understand something

--tell the teacher if you have any chronic or current health issues and/or injuries (muscles strains, sprains, chronic aches/pains, high or low blood pressure, or if you are pregnant)

--respect your body

--offer respect to everyone else in the room


The student assumes all risk of injury that may occur as a student in this class.  

Supportive Guidelines for the Classroom

--It is best to wait 2 hours after eating before practicing yoga

--No fragrances please

--Bring a mat, water, and any other props you like to have for your practice

--No shoes in the yoga space please

--Questions are encouraged to be asked when they arise


--Yoga once a week will help you become more relaxed, help you sleep, alleviate stress in your whole being, and create a sense of better ease/freedom in your body.  If you are looking for more support or a deeper transformation, practicing three or more times a week will lead you there.  If you would like help setting up a home practice please let me know.--